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We were born with soil under our fingernails. As kids, we worked with mum and dad in the family landscaping supply business and now run both Purearth organic compost and Little Loads landscaping and garden supplies.

Purearth organic compost is made from a special mix of greenwaste and both liquid and solid organic waste. It’s a careful formula, followed in detail to get the best results. We supply this compost to plant nurseries and landscaping businesses, orchards and farms all over the south west of Western Australia.

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We don’t want to be the biggest in the business, but we do aim to be the best. Working with other local businesses lets us stay close to our roots and this sense of community flows throughout the supply chain. We make it easy for both our suppliers and customers by consistently making, delivering and applying a highquality product. That’s just how we roll.

PE Our Purpose.png

Purearth gives back to the environment by reusing what we all take. Greenwaste is something we all produce. We collect it and give it a new lease of life as high-quality plant food. The process also unlocks carbon in the soil, meaning we can give future generations a more stable environment.

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Purearth works closely with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. It’s a careful balancing act to make sure we get the best out of our processes and products without further damaging the delicate nature of the environment. That’s why Purearth is a preferred supplier for WALGA.

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