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100% Organic


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Purearth soil mixes, composts and mulches are organic, natural and play an important role in growing crops with greater nutritional value.

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Soil Mixes

Landscape Mix, Premium Garden Mix, Native Mix, Special Lawn Mix, Soil Conditioner, Potting Mix

Compost Pickup Service


Fine Compost, Premium Fine Compost, Organic Compost.

These composts are the black gold of Purearth products. Perfect for most plants (except natives) the range of composts are screened and blended. The Premium Fine Compost has had extra correction minerals and rock dust added, which prevents leaching, encourages plant growth and improves yield.



Organic Tree Chip mulch, Enviromulch, Black mulch, Jungle mulch, Karri and Peat mulch

No artificial colours, no iron sulphate and peat — these mulches are the real deal. They’ll control soil temperature by acting like insulation. That means the soil’s warmer in winter and cooler in summer, allowing the plants to focus on growth. These mulches will also help keep weeds out and moisture in. That’ll keep the worms and the gardeners happy! They are all composted using Leachate, a mild form of compost tea. It’s made from recycled waste water and has a high nutrient value.

Harvesting Crop Field

Specified broadacre products

These nutrient specific blends are tailor-made to work with your soils. In them you’ll find organic carbons, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur and trace elements along with microbial activators and beneficial bacteria. What you won’t find in them is bio solids or human wastes – unlike most farm ready mixes.

  • What’s the optimal temperature for compost?
    It starts to get dangerous after about 68 degrees Celsius. Our compost is constantly monitored and we’re alerted if the temperature begins to climb. We can then adjust the conditions accordingly.
  • Does the composting process create any pollution issues?
    There’s potential for the process to create a smell but we generally avoid this by using extractor fans and covering the composting stockpiles. Any particularly odorous waste is stored in enclosed containers.
  • Can I visit the farm and have a look?
    We’d love to show you around. Get in touch to organise a time.
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